Research Papers

Ken Kamper’s “Research Papers” have been written over the last thirty years.   They represent summaries of the many Boone related history subjects that he has studied, found, or analyzed, which in most cases shed a new light on what we all read about and learned during our school years and afterward.   In most cases what we were told or what we read was usually not all that accurate, or else it was just a small piece of the overall subject.   In many cases, the correct account was much more interesting than what we learned.   Perhaps this is why many students in school find history as a subject they would prefer to do without, yet it is history that offers an important understanding of themselves and their surroundings.

The “Research Papers” are listed below, but in no particular order:

List Of The Ken Kamper’s Research Papers

1. The thirty Boone biographies including the importance of Lyman Draper.
2. The Boone family research associations (all seven are described; 1925 to present).
3. The Boone family move from Kentucky to Missouri (1799).
4. The proposed historical area of Daniel Boone in Missouri.
5. The dedication of DAR trail markers.
6. The Main Migration Trail.