The Friends Of Daniel Boone

A dozen or so persons in Kansas City, each with a serious interest in early American history and early Missouri history, have taken a strong interest in the “Ten Proposed Daniel Boone History Projects For Missouri” that we covered in this Research Letter.  The Kansas City people are planning to structure themselves as a formal organization, and in doing so, for now, are referring to themselves as “The Friends of Daniel Boone”.  Most of the “Friends”, through their businesses or as individuals, have in the past held lead roles in large projects, including  cultural/civic projects that were beneficial to the public in Kansas City or elsewhere in Missouri.  What makes the “Friends” so important is that have accepted the challenge to turn our proposed “Major Boone Projects” into accessible Boone history sites and knowledge that will be available to everyone.   

For the most part I personally see the challenge as saving and preserving the Boone or Boone period (1799-1820) historic sites that will become lost from record or destroyed without the involvement of the “Friends”.  I also see the challenge as opening up a new broad area of Missouri history as educational tourism that would be worth millions of dollars annually for the state of Missouri and its people.  Such a result would become a priceless means for generating an awareness of history in the minds of our younger generations.  Daniel Boone has a way of gaining the immediate attention of school children and as such becomes an avenue for making American frontier history exciting and interesting to them.  This is indeed important since the Boone history coincides with the greatest period of history in America: from when everyone in America lived in one of the European Colonies (which was the case at the time Daniel Boone was born), to the time when everyone in America lived in the greatest country on earth, the United States, spanning from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast (which was the case when Daniel Boone died).  Much of this history has not been available through our schools, and as we can all visualize, it just simply needs to be told.

If you are interested in the “Friends” challenge, we will follow along with them as they move forward.  In time, if anyone wants to join them or contribute time, expertise or resources to these Projects, we will make that connection for you.  Please email Ken Kamper at